Random stuff
Why do some teachers think that you're only taking THEIR class? IDGI. I really don't have time to do 2 hours worth of work every night like you want me to, because I have other stuff to worry about too.

Econ is my favorite class so far this semester... I didn't expect that.

My application packet to get in the education cohort was mailed yesterday, but it'll be awhile before I find out anything. Then I have an interview.

I'm struggling with my SAD/OCD big time right now. I know I always feel better about mid-February, so it needs to hurry up.

Aaaaand I'm done.

j hey/chipper
I'm really not good at this LJ stuff TBQH. I just want a header/banner/whatever... AND I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT. :'( It's making me mad. So if you could possibly help me with this, that would be AWESOME.

I don't have that much else to say. Summer is pretty good. The Braves are winning. Anddd that's all I have for now. I'm tired and I have to get up in about 4 hours... cool.

It's been awhile
Long time, no see! Do I even have many friends on here? I don't think so, but who knows. So let's see... Daytona is Sunday, yes? I'm always so into it at first, and then I don't watch the majority of the season. I won't lie about that. Mostly because the majority of the season is pointless, so why should I watch it? I love Speedweeks and Daytona and the beginning of the season though, it never fails to be exciting. Gooo Jeffery! :D School is... okay. I can't complain too much, since last year was hell. The second semester seemed better in some ways, but worse in others. It's hard to explain. American Idol pretty much got me through it, as lame as that sounds. It's the truth. This school is more my style, although it's taken time to get used to. The food is still not so good, and the parking situation is a major issue. I still need to figure out whether I'm gonna come back home next year, though. I almost feel like I need to... but I can decide that later. So what else? ... I really miss my band friends. I still don't know what to do without them. But luckily I'm not feeling quite as nostalgic right now as I normally am. And that's basically it. Oh, tomorrow it's supposed to snow. I hope I can get out of here in time, or if MAYBE my band sectional would get canceled... that would be fabulous. We'll see.

Ugh, college stuff
Um so I really never post here... I thought it would be a good idea to do that for once, lol. I'm basically stressed out right now because I have an audition for the music program ON FRIDAY. Which is in 3 days. I probably haven't practiced as much as I should. And now this lady is telling me that they "can't find" my application that I sent in last week. She asked me if I could do it electronically and send it back to her... which wouldn't be a problem, except MY PIANO ACCOMPANIMENT IS WITH IT. I KINDA NEED THAT. I mean I don't HAVE to have an accompaniment, but I will freak out and start shaking and stuff if I have to basically play all by myself, lol. I don't know what to do... but I hope they find it. I also move in in 2 days and I don't even feel prepared, which is pretty much my own fault. I'm just not as worried this year. I mean last year I was a freshman, and although I'm going to a new school this year, it already seems so much better. Last year was practically traumatizing, for whatever reason. Everyone asks me why I hated it so much, and I can never explain. So I'm trying to move on, even though I feel like it sorta messed me up. I LOVE the campus of my new school and I'm looking forward to it... I just hope all of this stuff can get sorted out soon.

I realized that I've never posted anything here before. So here's my first post! Hah.

I mainly joined so I could post on ONTD.


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